GoLinks® Subprocessors

GoLinks has formed positive working relationships with other organizations with the goal of safeguarding our customer data. We take privacy very seriously, and as such, we have provided a list of our sub-processors below.
Effective: June 1, 2020

GoLinks Enterprises, Inc. ("GoLinks") uses data processors to support delivery of our Services. This page provides important information about the identity, role, and location of each Subprocessor.




Amazon Web Services
Infrastructure and primary hosting provider
United States
Customer communication
United States
Web analytics for user interface optimization
United States
Business analytics
United States
Payment Processing
United States
AI search
United States


As our business grows and evolves, the Subprocessors we utilize may also change. We will provide the owner of Customer's account with notice of any new Subprocessors to the extent required under contractual agreement, along with posting updates here. Please check back occasionally for updates.

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